Deck Washing and Restoration

When your deck becomes dirty, covered in mildew,  or shows signs of water damage, it doesn’t feel as inviting. You may even use it less than you once did. With our low-pressure deck washing and restoration service in Raleigh, Fairway can bring your wood deck back to its natural beauty, revitalizing this outdoor space for time with family and friends.

Cleaning, Sealing, and Staining

Once our team returns your wood deck to its original beauty using our low-pressure deck washing, we can protect it from future sun, rain, and mildew damage with our specialty deck restoration staining and sealing. Especially in North Carolina, the sun plays the biggest part in drying out wood decks and furniture, causing cracks and splinters. Our non-drying, deep-penetrating, highly pigmented deck stains will help keep your wood splinter-free and looking beautiful for years to come!