Tile & Grout

New tile looks amazing—gleaming stone and pristine grout. But daily traffic and use leads to discoloration, dirt, and a dingy appearance. Keeping tile clean is hard! When the problem becomes unsightly, no homeowner wants to spend a day scrubbing until they’re sore. That’s when it’s time to call Fairway Home Detailing. Our tile and grout cleaning services will have your tile services looking clean and staying clean longer.

Transform your tile floors

Tile and stone are naturally porous, causing them to hold onto dirt and debris that’s inevitable from daily foot traffic. Crumbs, spills, shoes, and even skin oils can discolor them quickly. Mopping just pushes the dirt around, and harsh cleaners can strip away protective sealants, leaving your tile exposed to soak up more dirt. Fairway uses a multi-step process involving specialized cleaners and equipment, along with high-pressure steam, to safely remove all built-up dirt and grime in one session—saving you time and money. After thoroughly cleaning your tile, we use a rapid rotary buffer machine to apply a high-quality sealant to prevent further discoloration. Our high-power fan fully dries the area in no time. You’re left with tile that looks brand new!
  • Our trained techs manually scrub grout and remove dirt from all crevices.
  • We use a buffer machine to apply our high-quality sealant for future protection.
  • No moisture is left behind. We carefully wipe down all borders and corners and use our highpower fan finish the drying process completely.