Lighting and Fan Cleaning

Most of us don’t pay that much attention to our home’s lighting and ceiling fans—so we don’t notice as the dust and dirt accumulate, not to mention climbing a ladder just for lighting and fan cleaning is a hassle. The professionals at Fairway Home Detailing will thoroughly clean your hard-to-reach lights and fans, using the same high-quality soaps as we do with windows for long-lasting results. It’s also an ideal time to have us change out your lightbulbs too—and if we don’t change them, we’ll definitely clean them!

Because foyer and ceiling lights are hard to reach, they often go years without cleaning, causing the dust to literally bake onto the fixture’s glass. You may not even notice the dimming effect. But once we clean your fixtures, the quality of light improves, making your rooms feel warmer and more welcoming.

Contact us today for cleaner light fixtures...and a brighter atmosphere in your home!