Upholstery Cleaning Services

Fairway goes beyond the big picture when it comes to keeping your home looking and feeling new. We have specialists that focus on the finer details as well, like our upholstery cleaning professionals. If your furniture looks dingy and stained—or even has an odor you can’t get rid of—our 10-step, deep-cleaning system will bring your upholstery back to life and keep it looking fresh longer.

Why use an expert upholstery cleaner?

We’ve seen many people attempt to remove stains or smells from their furniture on their own. But they only end up ruining the upholstery by using the wrong cleaning solutions and tools or because they treated their upholstery the same way they would carpet. Fairway’s upholstery cleaning service experts are able to inspect your furniture to determine its fiber type and then apply the proper cleaners and approach.

Careful process, impressive results

  • We first carefully vacuum your furniture to remove any dust, dirt, and crumbs, noting any fabric tears or stains.
  • After determining fiber type, we use specially formulated cleaners to remove spots and odors, paying special attention to pillows.
  • We use a hot-water vacuum to deeply cleanse and rinse the furniture.
  • At Fairway, we give us much attention to drying as we do cleaning to avoid browning and fiber distortion.