Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood floors add timeless beauty to a home. However, this flooring is also delicate, so it requires proper maintenance and care to preserve its beauty and structure. Too many homeowners ruin their wood floors by using harsh cleaners and abrasive equipment, or by not drying them thoroughly after cleaning. Keep your hardwoods looking their best! Fairway Home Detailing offers expert hardwood floor cleaning and refinishing services to ensure your floors are both clean and protected.

How does Fairway help preserve your flooring?

Typical sweeping and mopping often just pushes the dirt on your floors around, leaving a residue that dulls and even discolors them. Fairway’s team is trained to safely clean and protect a number of different flooring materials, including hardwood, engineered, and laminate. We pay attention to every detail, consider age and buildup, and execute each step thoroughly for the best treatment possible. Our tried-and-true floor cleaning methods help us finish the job quickly with very little drying time. It’s rare for us to come across a floor that can’t be cleaned, so even if your floors have gone a long time without attention, we can implement our full hardwood floor refinishing service to restore even the dirtiest of floors. We use three different coatings and floor finishes that allow for floor traffic within just one hour.

Three Levels of Care

Three Levels of Care

Maintenance cleaning

A light routine for well-maintained floors.

Deep cleaning

Removes soils not normally removed with typical floor cleaners.

Refinishing cleaning

For extra dirty or dull floors, we remove all heavy soils and acrylic that have built up over time.